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It's all coming together now.
currently residing in the "where are they now file"
I leave the country for like, three weeks and...
Supermarket home deliveries
Glastonbury 2017
Chicken Parmo
Great mysteries of our Time.
Brian Cant - Dead
We are going to win the Worlld Cup again!!!!
72 million a year - Ronaldo
Revolution in the Head - The Beatles Records and the Sixties
Manchester - the city
Never Mind the Ballots - Election 2017
Summer Of Content ? or not ?
The Putin Interviews
Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen
Batman - Dead
Trojan Dub.....40 Deep and Heavy Hits
Random Comment Thread
What this place needs
16700 Posts
Y'all kidding, right? President Trump??
Meet Me In The Bathroom
politically correct coffee.
How can I stop the emails about spambots without ...
'Monk'ey business
Dog Botherers
Links Menu
Tommy Tainant
Aerial needs
Birdingbury Festival
One Alan Clarke
Stripe Blog
inane chatter for village idiots please join up and join in
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It's all coming together now.
The wife calls it a mid life crisis. I call it 'you can't take it with you'.

Anyway a few weeks ago I went out and bought myself a Nissan 350Z sports car. Cheap as chips they are. It will spend most it's time in the garage but on occasions it gets let out. And oh boy can it go! Feel like a boy racer again lol.

The compromise is that I am selling by very ordinary Ford Kuga. But I did play an ace when I said 'oooh darling what will we use when you want to go camping and take the dog out, we ...
Chicken Parmo
Forget about artisan bread topped with quinoa and kale on a bed of hummous, this is proper food.

We've been in the NE for the last week. It is very popular round Middlesbrough. I think it's a chicken fillet in batter covered in melted Parmesan cheese with some ham thrown in somewhere. Defeated the lad anyway.

[URL=http://s201.photobucket.com/user/borntobemild/media/huge-chicken-parmo-enough_zpsjqowb29t.jpg.html][img:6d0923e60b]http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa101/borntobemild/huge-chic ...
Glastonbury 2017
Haven't checked but I'm guessing that the BBC are showing some of it. Barry Gibb in the 'Legends' slot on Sunday afternoon. Ace!
We are going to win the Worlld Cup again!!!!
We are going to win the next world cup (or the one after that). Got to do haven't we? Under 20's win their version of it. Under 17's do well at their level and now the Under 21's are doing well.

Ermm or maybe not.

Premiership teams will continue to buy foreign and a hand full of these lads might get a few games. Or else the likes of Chelsea will buy them up, put them on big bucks or send them out on loan to the Championship never to return! And of course that means getting overlooked for E ...
currently residing in the "where are they now file"
As immortalized on Memphis Radio about Spinal Tap.

Ill throw in Geordie hard man pub singer Jimmy Nail along with Fifties throw back Mark Lamar and that Anthony Worrel Thompson chef guy.
Manchester - the city
Evers since I was old enough to travel on my own I've taken the train to both Manchester and Leeds on a regular basis. As a fourteen year old kid right up to mid twenties I would like Dock get excited and slightly shake at the excitement of a Manchester visit on the train. The train used to pull into Victoria and walk up to the city well before it changed to Piccadilly and that added to the excitement. Victoria was and still is a slightly imposing station

I must say that in the Seventies and ...
Revolution in the Head - The Beatles Records and the Sixties
By Ian Macdonald.

I've read a couple of the vast array of books on the Fabs, but this is the best yet for me. It doesn't fall into the all praising one sided weren't-they-great category either. Its a chronological song by song guide through the 241 songs they recorded and includes a couple of very good introductory essays on the myriad of parts whose sum ended up producing one of the most seismic decades of the last century regarding popular culture, particularly with music. This is third edi ...
Great mysteries of our Time.
Over t'pond, a ten cent coin is smaller than a Five cent coin but the same colour. I mean like, what kind of insanity is that.
Summer Of Content ? or not ?
This is going one of two ways. Either we have the fabric and framework being laid down with care and forward thinking making well thought out appointments to take care of the infrastructure and team management for a sustainable successful future. Or we have once more a complete set of clueless numpties running the show. I have to believe the former for the sake of my health at the very least
I leave the country for like, three weeks and...
All chuffing hell breaks loose.  Our government has been humiliated into an alliance with the biggest set of eejits in British politics in order to simply survive and limp along. Boris is waiting in the wings. London is on the verge of blowing. Revenge Terror attacks. Leeds United have appointed a head coach from the Cyprian Northern Counties league. The country is melting in a heat wave but worse, much worse, I log on here to see some maniac posting insane nonsense about creating some sort ...
The Tank
Back of the (keep) net
The Hollywood Bowl
Market Plaice
Fishy Business
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Great mysteries of our Time.
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Y'all kidding, right? President Trump??
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