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You don't like us, we don't care
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

We're not famous anymore....

It makes yer proud to be a Leeds fan

It's all a bit daft really. I can understand the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd hating us and the likes of Bradford, Boro and Huddersfield too. Bournemouth maybe. But I really struggle with most of the rest of them.

No-one hates us more than we seem to do ourselves.

Self loathing. Invented in Leeds.
Late Doors

And yet wherever you go in the world whatever pub you're in watching the game or in the local "Irish" bar watching the results come in on a Saturday afternoon you will always come across Leeds Fans.

Nice to be top of one league anyway.
smiling badger

We do seem to have our fair share of idiot supporters.
Suppose that goes a long way to being disliked.
The ' If you hate Leeds United, have a go' brigade.. Forum Index -> Leeds
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