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Late Doors

Yes M'Lud

Cant remember a government ever getting some of their legislation overturned by the House of Lords only for them to then embark on an indignant campaign to restrict their powers or even abolish it altogether.

They've all had a go, labour and Tories and it all ends  the same way as this weeks decision to abandon the latest attempt to curb the power of the Lords. Cameron started it last Feb after they overturned his tax credit legislation but all governments have had a go and all have failed.

Personally im not one of those rabid anti lords types and in fact most of them seem ok when they talk. A lot better than MPs in fact but what intrigues me is how they consistently fight off these attempts to limit their powers. Make you wonder who really runs the country eh?

Oligarchy of wealthy benefactors innit
Late Doors

I know but when you consider Andrew Lloyd Webber has a power of Veto something isn't right is it?

Ok time for my favourite Joke. Andrew Lloyd Webber walks into Burger King and asks for a double Whopper. Ok said the lad, Your music's ace and you're good looking

Oh fuck off then, ill never tire of it

Honk .

Don't forget the cheese.

You don't need any qualifications to be an MP and that's fine.

Consequently many of them (including ministers) have limited knowledge of the law and the constitution. So some of the stuff they vote through is unworkable or unconstitutional. As happened with the Brexit stuff.

Some of the Lords and the Law Lords have this knowledge - so it's useful to have them as a back stop. Some of them are also a complete waste of space. Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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