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There's no good reason for any of you to know about this particularly gruesome story, but it seems as if a local woman (I routinely walk my dogs past her house) decided it would be a good idea to use a gun to kill her two daughters (I think they were about six and eight?) before (presumably) turning it on herself last Saturday.


There's not a single mention of this in the local "free" weekly paper, Bedford Journal, delivered today, which leads with a story "Close to Home" which is about a crappy author who's written a dopey children's book inspired by, wait for it, her mother.

Absofeckinlutely bonkers.

If you have any interest in the real story that should have been the lead....

That's horrible.

Why do you think that the local press ignored the story? It would have made the national news over here.

I might have another rant about this later (catching up with other shite - soz), but I just glanced at the front page this week and it has a picture of an extremely ugly woman getting kissed by a cat with the headline "Cat's Meow" with "Local woman will help you train your feline, Page 6."


"Woman licked by her pussy."


"Woman blows children then blows herself."

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