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Women's World Cup

I must admit I was expecting a bit of monkey tennis and lots of rolling of the eyes, but I ended up watching all of the USA v Australia game on the box here last night - something I've yet to do with an MLS game except if it's a final featuring an ex-Leeds player. - and was pleasantly surprised.

Given that I have been involved in coaching and refereeing here, I guess it shouldn't have been quite so unexpected, but the game was played at a fair pace and was tactically and technically better than I thought likely.

I seriously doubt I'll be glued to every game (I'll try and see how the English girls get on - I know nothing about how the game is progressing back home), but there are worse things you could do than watch the odd match.

The striker for the USA, Abby Wambach, even reminded me a little of Lee Chapman.

Any of Sheeps' girls involved?

There's a lot less diving, feigning injury and - er - handbags in the women's game.

They just seem to get on with it.

It's possible I just happened across a decent match-up, but it was telling that I was definitely watching the football rather than the, errrr, thighs or jiggly bits.

I had been expecting to maybe watch fifteen minutes or so to get a feel for if the game was worthwhile before fast forwarding through the goals to the last five minutes (something I often routinely do in Premier League games) if the scoreline was close.

Rapineo (sp?) for the USA seemed particularly comfortable and intelligent on the ball - to the extent that I suspect she wouldn't be totally lost if she played in a half-decent men's game, providing the refereeing was strict enough.

I may well end up watching more of these games than the Copa America which also starts fairly soon.
Frazier Cranium

England were shite, no better than the men!

Frazier Cranium wrote:
England were shite, no better than the men!

You mean that wasn't the men!
Late Doors

Ive been enjoying it. No shortage of skill or organisation and i love the almost non existent arguing with the ref, pretending to be fouled or spitting.

Good point about spitting LD. I'd book players for spitting on the pitch. That would soon stop it.

Or you could have a spitoon near each corner flag.

I was trying to think up a suitable marketing phrase for the competition while bored between bouts of refereeing last night and came up with:

"The Women's World Cup: it's totally gash." *

* I'm obviously not very proud of myself, but it did make me giggle a little too much not to share. **

** And, to be fair, now that the obvious minnows/part-timers are out, the football has been more than pretty entertaining.

Ooh! Ooh!

"The Women's World Cup: it's more than pretty entertaining."

Just as well this site is chromosonally challenged, or I'd have my knackers chopped off.

"The Women's World Cup: it's not for knackerknobs."

Errrr etc etc.

Frazier Cranium

I always try to.
Frazier Cranium

I did enjoy the win over Norway, I think the quality of play is about the level of pretty decent Sunday league teams.  I would venture further and say Non League but I haven't seen many from that level really, though Leeds do thjeir best to provide such a service attimes

England have a v good 'keeper, she gives them a good chance from the off.

Not too keen on the team wasting time near the finish in opponent's corner flag areas though, and anyone who saw the Norway game will know that Women's Football is not all good natured and 'rah rah', it gets a bit nasty.
Plastic Man

Grind wrote:

Brought to you courtesy of the Canadian Tourist Board.

Great result against Canada.

No shortage of skill, determination or teamwork there.

Let's hope some of the workshy primadonnas in our men's team stopped polishing their Range Rovers for long enough to learn something.


But all credit to the team n that. They'll fight again another day. I just hope the poor lass who scored the own goal doesn't get drowned by the English public in the pathetic English three-lions-load-of-bollocks manufactured nostalgia/tears circus that usually follows one of these defeats and they turn her into a living martyr.

*realises living martyr is a total contradiction in terms, and in the final analysis gobbledygook knackers*
Late Doors

Great effort, we should be very proud of them, i know i am.

Yes Codge it got feisty against Norway but it was honest aggresion and competitiveness.

Grind wrote:
Any of Sheeps' girls involved?

Only as far as being pissed up in the pub watching the games.

Hate to say this but I have no interest in watching England ladies at all, despite my involvement with the game. It bores me.

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