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Late Doors

Wolf Of Wall Street

First time at the pictures for about five years. I just must have fell out with all the obscene excessing of it. Massive buckets of shit for sale and not been able to walk to one have both contributed to the demise of a once fine rainy day out. Eight quid each as well and you can't have a pint, why bother. Well the seats are ace, the picture definition brilliant and the sound awesome for a start. A step or two up from nights at the Princess or Empire flea pit for sure.

What the hell is the deal with trailers these days? They show the entire film they are enticing you to see and completely spoil it. Mind you i think Cuban heals rather spoils itself with its abject shitness.

So Wolf of  Wall Street. Hard to say too much about it on case it spoils it for you. A fabulous three hour film that flew by. Absorbing, astonishing and anger enticing. Funnily enough i found the anger directed at less obvious targets  than the protagonist who I found quite likeable. Probably shouldn't but there you go.

The film centers on the debauchery of Wall St, capitalism, stock selling, drug, prostitutes and massive wealth. It asks questions of moral integrity, the legalities of stock trading and regulation. Is selling, aggressive selling even misleading selling wrong? How you answer that goes a long way in defining your politics. Are the weak, greedy, stupid and vulnerable fair game for the wolves? Is such excess wrong? is it a natural result of unrestrained capitalism and does this excess actually feed everyone else. These were all questions prompted by the film and as usual i have no answers just more questions and an emotive leaning.

Brilliant music, mainly American soul and blues with ace slashes of cool indie and urban swagger. So many terrific scenes but one slight one near the end on a new York subway train was particularly poignant. Quit ambiguous in its representation but an image that has left the biggest impression and talking point for me

Three hours is too long for a film. Particularly when you can't stop it to go for a piss/cup of tea/stretch your legs. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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