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Witty On Pitch Banter

'You're a c*nt'!'

'You're a c*nt!!'

'You're a bigger c*nt!!!'

'You're a c*nt because you shagged your mate's mrs'

'You're a fuckin' black c*nt'

I despair sometimes. Our national f*ckin' game dragged through the gutter. In the year the Olympics come to London. The single most important sporting event in the world and one that is supposed to represent political, cultural and racial harmony.

I've never liked Terry. A bully on the pitch and probably off the pitch as well. A man who likes to dish it out, but not to take it. We've all met them.

He mouthed the words because he's smart enough to know that if he said them out loud he would face a lengthy ban.

For the record - I don't think Jay-Tee's a racist, just a twat.

Be interesting to see what the FA make of it. Odds are, as the courts have already found him innocent, that it will be a whitewash*.

*sorry, unfortunate choice of words.
Kingmaker of Lilliput

Re: Witty On Pitch Banter

fartcatcher wrote:

For the record - I don't think Jay-Tee's a racist, just a twat.

It is my understanding in order to be the former being the latter is essential..... Forum Index -> All other football
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