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Wigan (h) championship 2013/14

Is it just my imagination or do we seem to get an unusually high number of games against teams who have just sacked their manager or have just appointed a new one? The Temptation is to think we do.(Comedy as well folks, its all here)

Took mdm Jnr and his mate on the season ticket freebie offer and drove on the m62. The indecipherable teen talk in the back clashed with the grown up talk in the front as we discussed who was the biggest knob at work and which footballer we liked best. Teenager 2 appeared to be existing in some kind of space-time fragment as he appeared from the car into the biting cold of a December night in t shirt and tracky top. Not even old enough for a beer coat either.

We kicked off with Wigan choosing to attack the kop in the second half with Rudy winning an early tussle well. Ross tried to put pressure on their last defender but he dealt with it calmly and cleared to set up a counter. Paddy was out smartly with a good long clearance for Ross to collect and put in a good cross which was also cleared

Peltier was next to come forward after a good win to start a decent build up that ended with a saved shot from Murphy. A good spell was continued when Pugh also won well found  Rudy who put a cross into the box. Mowatt was next taking it forward getting a free kick then w corner from the free kick.

Our good start continued with Ross forcing a throw when coming forward. Can't quite remember how but Smith won a good header at the far post following the throw and Ross it seems got a touch on it to make it 1-0 even though i thought the ball had sneaked in without assistance.
The goal rattled Wigan into a lively and sustained response. We took a yellow card for a high lunge even though the ball was won. We had to defend strongly and we did
Mowatt put their man under pressure deep in their half and won the ball before a good left wing move brought two corners and a hopeless penalty appeal before we overran the ball into dead on the left in front of the kop

More Wigan pressure came and paddy had to make a very brave save taking a knock for it as well that needed treatment. Still we had to defend as Wigan took control of the middle ground and put us under pressure with some slick passing and movement. Ross tried to bring the ball forward but was bundled off the ball and Pugh made a hash of a pass as we held out line but could mot break out.

Paddy pulled of a great save and we cleared again as our lead looked ever more temporary. Rudy picked up a long ball and put in a cross to find Ross but Wigan cleared. It did look like at least we were capable of threatening again. A decent build up followed with Ross putting in a clever early low cross into the box that evaded everyone except the Wigan defender
meanwhile our back four were continuing to deal with crosses by heading clear. Thankfully for all Wigan's threat we restricted them to crossed rather than direct pressure. That was mainly down to some energetic closing down by everyone from front to back.

Smith was finally awarded a free kick as Wigan seemed concerned about his clear dominance in the air. Mowatt hit the cleared set piece back with a volley that went wide.

Back came Wigan with a cross and a corner as 2 mins added time were announced. Danger time. Again we lost possession under no pressure and i had a flash back to Ewood. Thankfully we held firm fir the attack and went into the interval with our slender lead intact.

Half time chat raised a game at wolves ten year ago. The one where smithy sliced onto his own goal from a corner. It was Christmas and we'd had a great day out with the Wakey branch. One of those pivotal games we agreed but blimey ten years ago!!!!

Paddy started the second half coming a long way out of his area to hoof the ball into high into the West stand. The linesman on the other side thought he'd get himself noticed as well by awarding them a foul. Do the feckers have some sort of pact to ignore everything except a Leeds utd minor infringement? Seems like it to me sometimes.

The half continued as the first ended with us having to defend but not able to bring the ball out and keep possession allowing Wigan to occupy our last third. Still they couldn't find a way through. Ross was back deep to defend well and Wigan made a double sub. More pressure ensued as the kop tried to lift the team. Mowatt and Murphy were doing ok but were getting muscled about, it was a real test for the youngsters and they hung in there.
Smith put a header over the bar from a corner continuing to win the aerial duels. A scramble in the box followed that looked a goal but it was cleared and the returning shot fired over. It signalled a change in the game's dynamic. Peltier put a great cross in but Murphy fluffed the shot as we clawed our way back into it. Ross hit a volley that was comfortably saved then Smith glanced a good header just wide after a great left wing cross into the box.

Another chance came to Smith minutes later. He did well to rob the defender and found himself on goal only the goaly to beat with players at either side of him. The number of options must have bamboozled the poor lad as all he could do was scuff it lamely at the keeper. Pugh was next on goal, bringing the ball up field and shooting for the keeper to make a routine save but the tide was turning and to our great credit we were back on top. A free kick on the left was swirled in and appeared to defy everyone including the keeper to end up in the back of the net. 2-0 and the announcement came that the sorer was Pearce who must have had a touch of the ball en route.

Wigan obviously came at us again but again Ross was defending deep to clear before they hit a great chance from the edge of the box over the bar following a good build up. It was a lucky break for us. It seemed to deflate some of their bluster as they couldn't achieve the tempo or intensity of their earlier spells of pressure. We seemed content to let them have possession as they didn't actually create any real incision. A good ball into the box was brilliantly cut out by Pugh who had anticipated the danger but that was the last of their attempts.  The ref ended the game after a mere three minutes AT and we despatched into the night and to the car.
The boys enjoyed their game ad told us they were actually singing in the old boys pen which I laughed at. Teenager 2 has been showing signs of becoming a Man City fan. We need to win these lads and nights like last night can only help that.

Thanks LD.

Good win.

Team's getting a settled look to it.  
smiling badger

fartcatcher wrote:
Thanks LD.

Good win.

Team's getting a settled look to it.  

At home at least.
God knows where we would be without Ross Mc, well some where towards the bottom of the league i guess.

Nice reportage LD. ta muchly.

Cheers LD.

Routine home win by the sound, something that's been beyond us in times gone past. Forum Index -> Leeds
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