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Ah well, we shall see.

Aye. Let's give, ermmm what's his name, a chance eh.

We may be pleasantly surprised. Here's to you, whoever you are.

He's done a great job with APOEL Nicosia.
Late Doors

Everyone started out as a "Who" at one time. I'm glad we didnt pick one of the "Need Work" conveyer belt of the current crop of "between jobs" candidates

Totally agree LD. I am all for giving someone a chance.

In this case maybe even to the end of August lol
Late Doors

Longer than Cellino would have then

Genuine question: How many managers have LU had since 2000?
smiling badger

We have had a couple of managers Dock.
I'm prepared to give this guy a chance. Thank fuck we did not end up with Pardew or big Sam.

34 if you include Hockaday

grunt wrote:
34 if you include Hockaday

Rather not. Forum Index -> Leeds
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