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Frazier Cranium

What if...? The Royals

I've seen quite a lot more vitriol against the Queen of late from certain individuals.  

There is a good point that the royals are the most nauseating example of nepotism going, but 'what if' the anti-royals had got their way years ago and got rid of the monarchy, what state would we be in as a republic?

I for one really do detest most of the royals and more so the hanger on scavengers who do nothing at all for the country or society iother than spend money they haven't earned.  BUT I've never felt much disdain towards QE 2 or even her husband Alf Garnet-opolis  Even Charles doesn't make me want to puke so much.

I haven't really got an opinion on what would have happened to the country if the Queen had been deposed, I'm genuinely interested in it as a story - say it happened in 1977, the year of her jubilee also being her last year as monarch... Is this country in a poor way thanks to the royals, have they got too much political influence (as people accuse)?

I'm sure they would be replaced by something broadly equivalent in terms of vapidity - the UK Kardashian franchise?

That said, they've done a surprisingly effective job of not dropping too many major bollocks in public considering the number of opportunities they must routinely get to do so. Or have they and I just don't know it?

Either way, probably down to superior media management.

I quite like drifting away pondering these gedanken types of musings - I don't usually get very far.

I was wondering what Europe might have been like now had the Nazis prevailed (obviously very bad in the short term, but would it have corrected itself?) and, given the latest excitement over a piece of cloth in the USA, what would have happened if the South had won or, perhaps even harder to predict, if black slaves had never been brought to the USA?

What if Montgomery hadn't made that save?

Frazier Cranium

You had to go too far didn't you?!
Frazier Cranium

And please explain Gedanken.  Is it anything like Pavlov's dogooshka?

Prolly - it's what Einstein used to do in the bath.

* Good doggie

I was wondering if the world (well, the US anyway) would be more racist had black slavery not happened.

Strange, but quite likely.

They're all German anyway aren't they?

I don't buy the tourist attraction bit. If you kicked them out of Buck House and made at a Weatherspoon's you'd get loads more people in.
Frazier Cranium

No you wouldn't, there's too many bouncers with silly hats on.  And guns.

I'm a bit miffed they have never invented time travel. How do I know - cos someone would have popped back already. Of course it could be that time is a fixed position so that the future currently doesnt exist hence why no one can pop back yet.

And it may be that time travel can only ever go forward.

That episode of Star Trek with a very young Joan Collins in sums it up perfectly.

As for the Royals - actually nothing against the main stream ones to be honest. It's the klingons that annoy me.
Frazier Cranium

Ooh that's a good Star Trek subtext there
Late Doors

Good Question Codge and one that deseves a good answer. Unforunatley i havent one but to answer the pertinent question here we'd have probably lost in Extra time with a dodgy off side goal whilst having a perfectly good one disallowed and a blatent couple of pens denied.

369m for a refurb of Buck House! She could at least have chipped in a few million.

probably what they'll save closing those 22 A & E departments.

We need a referendum!
Late Doors

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