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Well that was enjoyable

Manyew 1 Mancity 6


I'd love to see Fergie's face now.

Dock will be gutted  
Late Doors

blimey, I was in the pub in Slaithwaite when they had it on but couldn't be bothered watching it. I could tell something weird was going on with all the shouting and a group of sad looking dopey looking feckers left to a load of derision, Cant bring mesen to enjoy it though. They're as bad as each other now

grunt wrote:
Dock will be gutted  

Not so G-Man, as I'm not a Man U fan. I thought the scoreline was hilarious, and it was at OT. Double whammy. This week I have been put back in my box with regard to ever posting again about football on Reg so I will sign off here but I had to defend my honour after your post yer cheeky monkey (Like anyone would believe I have any honour ). That is all.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

if you are a Man United fan and have been disturbed by today's result please call 0161 61 61 61
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

whats the difference between a black cab and Man United? A black cab will only let 5 in
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

just been watching a romantic comedy to wind down after a torrid weekend's football - I watched Six and the City

I multiplied my fun further by then watching QPR play Chelsea - I didn't know either of the scorelines beforehand and saw the full ninety minutes of both games.

What an ace weekend!
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

whats all this I overheard about a sick swan in manchester?!?!?!?!?

Man U defence at sixes and Evans

It was rather good.

It could easily have been 10-1

Heigh-ho Silva is one of the best players i've ever seen.

even better than Anthony Elding. Forum Index -> All other football
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