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Late Doors

Waxahatchee, Brudenell

Latest band for hitherto solo artist Katie Crutchfield. Getting good reviews in the music press and what i have heard so far made me look forward to this and recommend her to the other three who had never heard if her/them. Reputation on the line, mine not hers

Great to see my old kop neighbours the Kaiser Ccheifs at the Brude as well. One of them has just come back from a twelve month world tour. Jeez how can life ever be the same again after that. I went to California for a month once and have never really recovered even now almost thirty years later.

As usual we missed the two support bands but it was clear the demographic content of the crowd coming in and out of the bar was about half our age. Not that it matters, well not for us anyway.

Far from a sell out but still a fair crowd greeted a demure fashionably straight fringed Katie and her band about 9.50.

Three guitars plus bass and drums laid a good and full foundation to the sound but a better band could have done the same with one less guitar but that is just a matter of loyalty i guess and merely my observation.

They Started with the recent "hit" Under A Rock, to get it out if the way I'm guessing. It's a nice song but doesn't really represent the band. They/she have three sides to the music. A sweet harmonious poppy one, a grungier dirty side and a solo singer/song writer. All work and all are interesting dynamic and layered.

All got me thinking during the gig about, for me anyway, a three year long wave now of Ace Indie women bringing their dimensions and take on Indie Rock. I must admit to been a tad misogynistic in the past but all that incessant relationship heartache and menstrual blood batch crap does nothing for me at all. These last few years have seen a big change in themes and women are doing great things in indie music.

Anyway she's supporting Kurt Vile at the Uni in November

An old One  

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Plastic Man

I preferred the second track.

It reminded me of a REM's wall of sound type-track, overlaid with the sound of any one of a million indie bands, being played on any one of a million college radio stations that one encountered as one criss-crossed the US, particularly in the early evening dusk when one was in the outskirts of one's destination...

Magda - please pass me my passport and give back 30 years of my life...
Late Doors

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