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Late Doors

Warhorse, Bradford Alhambra.

Theatre event of the decade the blurb claimed, well pardon me but we'll be the judge of that.

What could be sadder than a typical first world war story? Maybe an animal story? Tell you what, why not combine the two and make it a total and complete blubber fest. Devon 1914 two lads and a horse sign up for duty on the western front, handkerchiefs at the ready.

As a story its boys own Victor stuff, as a play its routine and fairly predictable with only a German officer giving it any depth. What sets this play apart are the two main equine characters. Joey and Top Drawer  are two horses caught up in man's cruel Empire games. They have as much idea of duty and what's going on  as the rest of the soldiers.

I don't know what to call it, part animation part mime and part puppetry. The horses are frames operated by people and the staggeringly authentic movement and characteristics of them are what holds the play together as something more than an average play. 'Course the emotions get rattled as we watch events unfold, how could they not be as the bombs, machine guns and cavalry charges take their toll on the young, deluded, stupid and innocent.

Fabulous spectacle, especially great for kids with a few laughs and enough grown up interest to make it a great  family day out. (if you have the odd two or three hundred quid to spare, see multicultural Britain thread)
Frazier Cranium

Seen the film which I'm quite sure is manure compared to the play and the book, but it still had enough in it to make me think even Speilberg and that ilk can't make a tital nag out of a thoroughbred. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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