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Walters' goal

That looked like a bloody good set play to me, even if there was at least one foul hidden in there.  

Blimey! I just heard Gary Neville's take on the goal and, if his assessment is correct, it was even more of a thing of beauty than I first thought.

Carroll should still have stopped it on the line though.

Actually a decent game.

* Suspects he was the only one watching.
Frazier Cranium

I watched about ten minutes.  I missed both goals, was catching up on some 'taped' programmes.

I picked up on the signal to start the play from the corner taker to Walters and the not-so-subtle "block" by Adam, but initially missed the other pair of runs that fully enabled Walters to be free to take his shot unchallenged. The timing of everything was sublime.

I don't usually enjoy watching Stoke much, but I will definitely pay attention to their set pieces from now on.

Two fouls there, I hope you would have given a free kick Grind.

grunt wrote:
Two fouls there, I hope you would have given a free kick Grind.

The Adam one should've been given for sure. Crouch's was much less obvious, but after watching a couple of times, it's clear he was intent on blocking and not going for the ball.

Worth a goal for the sheer effort involved - especially as the West Ham one was offside anyway.  Forum Index -> All other football
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