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Decided to take the plunge and resurrect my 32yo Rega Planar record player.

Stuck on a Neil Young album and it sounded like Johnny Cash so a motor upgrade was ordered. Had to get a new stylus/cartridge was ordered. Got it all setup and thought it was still running a little slow. Timed the 6min 22sec Walk on By (Stranglers version) at 10 secs slow. Doesnt sound a lot but I could hear it. So ordered a sub platter. Fitted it and now everything is spot on.

Just listening to New Orders Brotherhood. Got a stereo setup use pure sound and a pair of as old Mission speakers.

Forgot how good vinyl sounds
Late Doors

Sod that for a game of soldiers. Ive never given up my Deck but havent bought any vinyl for nigh on 27 years. Not going to start now. You're right though, it sounds warmer, brighter and has character.

I got a shock when looking for Vinyl. A lot of the latest stuff is advertised as 180g vinyl (which synically is plastic that hasn't been recycled) but jeez 20 - 25 price tag per album!!! Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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