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Veronique Marot

Who? I hear you say. Well she won the London Marathon in 1989 and was UK record holder for 13 years until Princess Paula took it off her. She's actually French (as you may have guessed by the name), but came to Leeds as a student and loved the place so much she never went back. Still works at the Uni. Semi retired now but still does a lot of sport/charity stuff.
Seems a very nice lady and speaks excellent English for a foreigner. She became a Brit citizen, so unlikely to be given a one way ticket and shoved on the ferry.

Very thin! As these runners often are.

Stewards enquiry before points are awarded. A brief biog of said athlete, but no background on your encounter with her. And more importantly no photo. If you furnish the enquiry panel with the missing info I may go for a 7/10.

The trouble with very thin people is they are difficult to photograph. Larger units are bigger targets.

fartcatcher wrote:
The trouble with very thin people is they are difficult to photograph. Larger units are bigger targets.

It's a good point well made.

Late Doors

Nay, more info required, Not good enough fc, poor in fact. 2/10

Jeez we need to raise our game in this section. Why cant we get proper famous people up here? it as if they dont like it




I'm only up in Leeds for about 7 days per year. More effort needed from you locals. you're obviously hanging out at the wrong sort of places.

In good nick for a woman of her age btw

Marot is French for Marrow.

'In good nick for her age'

Still no pic.

smiling badger

I feel that we are trying to mug each other off with these " who the fook are they" sightings.  
Was bad enough when all we had was the odd Emerdale character.  But I guess it's what we have come to in this section to help keep it alive.  
A photo would have been good, Fc.
There for all that can be awarded is a 4/10.

Revised score from earlier stewards enquiry:


I think you're all absolutely beastly.

Beastly we may be darling but we know our aggressive tango's from a modern jive. Take you're pathetic sighting and never darken our dancefloor again!!!!


Well said.

Apart from the never returning bit. Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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