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Up the Angels

Play off final tomorrow versus Lowestoft. I am working so can't make the game. Word on the street is that Lowestoft are stronger now than Sutton Utd, who went up in first place.

Won 4-3. Been tracking it online.
Bit hairy

1 - 0
2 - 0
2 - 1
3 - 1
3 - 2
3 - 3
4 - 3

Crowd reported at 2411.

Well done t' Angels.

I like a bloke who supports his local team, not like the fancy dan championship, potted meat sarney brigade.

What team is this, and what div are they in now?

Tonbridge Angels. Now in Blue Square South.
Late Doors

I used to support my local team, Emley (Even turned out for the seconds a couple of times    ). Ace crack, Monday Night home games we had Leeds fans and Barnsley fans watching along with the locals. Not so much the Dog shaggers as they had a bit of a downer on Emley for some reason, probably going back to 1920 something or other  reasons they only know.  

Anyway internal politics were rife and they re located to Wakey and played under the fecking ridiculous banner of Wakefield and Emley FC. Needless to say they have now dropped the Emley bit and Emley as they once were are gone forever . They are trying to resurrect things so we’ll see how things go.

Had an ace day out at Upton Park with them in the FA Cup third round, their day of glory (Emleys, not West Hams) where a very young Rio Ferdinand demonstrated exactly what an arse he can be by gesticulating towards the Emley fans for no other reason than the mighty premier team had overcome the non leaguers with a late one nil winner. Arsehole.

Thanks for all your congrats ....My mate is chairman. Great bloke. He has been going dwn to watch them since  was a nipper. I fear they will come straight back down unless someone invests some cash for better players.

grunt wrote:
What team is this, and what div are they in now?

This is them. Forum Index -> All other football
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