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Late Doors

Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Brudenell.

Fabulous band, first heard them maybe two year ago live on Marc Riley.

A Quirky mix of soul funk and angular indie rock They also sculpture some pretty songs that grow on you without you noticing it. Saw them at green man last year as well as hearing the Riley sessions so i already knew what a good live band they are.

First time for me in the renovated Brudenell. Thankfully it's been spruced and tidied rather than sterilized and all the great bits still there along with a sellout crowd of mainly  under thirties post grad types. Seems the band have broke into the igen big time.

Curiously I didn't enjoy them as much as i thought I would. Terrific rhythm section and some inventive scratchy non conventional electric guitar picking but let down by a weak vocal. Too many lulls in the pace as well including a dreadful drum solo and a mystifying gratuitous keyboard extravaganza. A shame because when they all drive together its immensely powerful and exciting. Unfortunately those times are too sporadic. The green man set and Riley sessions weren't like this. There's no need to pad it out with sonic fluff, just get on with it lads.

Another element of disappointment  was the chatter amongst this crowd. Maybe it's that demographic, the tick the box, glued  to the phone, instant gratification generation. I swear i was a gnat's hair from screaming out STOP CHATTERING YOU CUNTS and only a deep sense of restraint stopped me. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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