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North Country Boy

Umbro 0/10

Just saw an advert on Sky Sports featuring Gazza. I'm sure Umbro were aware that PG has financial probs and thought he'd be willing to do an ad for them. The lad looks seventy and is clearly in no fit mental state to be going on camera for some bastard of a sportswear company just to plug their tacky products. They and their ad company are a bonafide fucking disgrace for even airing the ad. Fuck them!

Difficult to believe he's only 45. I don't think dragging him out from his hideaway in Bournemouth every time we make any finals helps him or anyone else.

*buys Umbro wear*
Nyles O Cranium

I think it's quite good that they've employed someone disabled for an advertisement.  And there is genuine emotion in Gazza's appearance too.  Maybe Umbro are trying to be the new Benetton in advertising.

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