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Late Doors

Ty Segall, Brudenell Social Club

Prolific Ty Segall, this guy has been banging albums out and gigging incessantly for over three years now, maybe longer. Immersed in rock n roll he has the full armoury of guitar laden rifferama grunge rock laced with hooks and song structure. His gigs are pure celebration of all that is good about guitar based onslaughts. The latest album Manipulator has captured and consolidated his array of styles and influences into a double album length résumé of his brilliance. Not So much his London Calling, more his LA calling.

Four of us for this rendezvousing in the Grove and then the Brudenell lounge. A decidedly grungier crowd than usual at the place and a sell out to boot. Met up with Butts at the front of the stage whilst the others lingered at the back and we surveyed the likely looking mosh pit our to our right. It felt like we were on the periphery of them which suited me fine.

On came Ty and the band after a bizarre somewhat inebriated introduction from the bands manager. I'm guessing thus band had been on the road a while as Ty almost staggered on. Any concerns about his ability were smashed in an instant as they dive-bombed into a set of pure incendiary level RnR.

Centre stage was bassist and to me lynchpin of the sound Mikal Cronin. A mass of hair almost covering an immense driving bass. Drums were bashed out with economical precision by archetypal rock chic Emily Rose Epstein. A second guitarist remained a little incognito to the left all giving Ty and his les Paul guitar time and space stage right to maul our ears with supersonic riffing and solo fills.

Looking like a mischievous and drunk Keith Lemmon with his blonde mattered hair rattling aloft his shaking head he was every inch the rock n roller. Most of the set was new album based and the tempo was high octane interspersed with the odd come downer. Album Slaughterhouse provided a lot of the all out grunge riff attack but the new album is peppered with subtleties that sneak through. His vocals alternate between growl and a sweet reverby almost whisper that together with Cronin's high harmony are a perfect foil to the guitars. There was a sweet spot of the whole gig about a quarter way through that lasted straight through to the encore where  the band hit the heights truly brilliant bands can do when they are on top of their game. Everything fell into place and the crowd at the front of the stage swelled into a mini stage diving crowd surfing sector. Not my cup of tea at all but there is no denying the energy and enthusiasm of his fans who like me loved the whole set in their own way.

Two indulgent grungy growlers for the encore preceded the finale and they were off, back to Jupiter. A brilliant gig from a band at their peak.

Plastic Man

My word. Those guitaists can certainly hammer out a wall-of-sound tune. (Pencil me in for their next visit to the Brudenell.)

However, at the risk of sounding misogynistic, the drummer did appear to have been coached at the erstwhile Velvet Undergound's Moe Tucker's school of percussion.
Frazier Cranium

Ah mosh pits, I remember them.  In fact, they were never called mosh pits  in the late 70s and early 80s, as far as I know.

Definitely prefer to be on the periphery of them anyway these days, that feeling caused mainly by an unfortunate experience at a Serious Drinking gig in Leeds Uni where I was having a nice pogo then suddenly ended up flat on my back and with a bleeding, chipped left elbow.  You can have a feel next time we meet, no charge.
Frazier Cranium

Of the elbow.

LD and Butts in Brudenell Social Club Gig Attendance Shocker!

Good write up LD.
Late Doors

Ta muchly. Yeah the drummer is very much of the keep it simple variety. Not a problem for me. I was brought up on minimalist blues drumming. I can appreciate a fab drummer but to me they are like undercoat. You have to have them but the less you notice the better.

First time i saw stage diving as defined by current understanding as opposed to a pissed up punk launching himslelf into the crowd was at the little Queens Hall venue on Bradford at a Manic St Preachers gig complete with Ritchie, circa 91 i think. I thought blimey that'll never catch on, far too dangerous and trusting

The end of year Mojo arrived through my door today. From a swift purusal looks like a great edition and T'Ty's album is featured in this years top 50 long players.
Late Doors

yep, stocked up with mojo and uncut year reviews and even threw in the NME edition with their top 50 in for old times sake. should be interestig to compare the three. Dont tell me owt, i havent read them yet and dont want to know who topped what. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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