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Twenty to five on a Saturday

I can remember back to the early 70's when I'd be sat in front of the  black and white telly watching Grandstand and the fottie scores coming in, feeling really important 'cos i was checking the pools for me grandad.

In those days the results would be flooding in at 4:40pm. Now it's approaching 4:55 before they are in.

Do they get 5 minutes extra now at half time. Even so there must be shit loads more stoppage time today.

Funny how traditions change isn't it. For me it was the vidiprinter scores when I were t'little, but now 4.45 on a Saturday isn't 4.45 on a Saturday without Chris Kamara wearing headphones shouting with a rapidity that resembles somebody who's knackers have been slammed in a kitchen drawer.

Do they still sell The Green Post?

Forest wrote:
Do they still sell The Green Post?

On the street corners by about 6pm wasn't it? - never had the goalscorers and the letter LKO appeared quite often.

Sporting pink here.

Speaks volumes...

I remember the teleprinter - which preceded the videprinter.

It broke down a lot.

I also remember Tim Gudgeon reading out Forfar 4 East Fife 5 - without so much as a snigger.

Forest wrote:
Do they still sell The Green Post?

Wasn't it the 'Greeee Po'. At least that is what it sounded like when that bloke used to walk around the streets shouting it out.
Late Doors

We used to get Pinks AND greens round here sold by a bit of a local legend on a tiny scooter. He's still around, had a massive Lump on his face, scared the Ba'jasus out of us kids. The local rag used to come out at team time with the results still wet but its chnaged to a morning paper now. Still has the headline "Town throw it away" though always at the ready

When im not at a game i love being in a pub and watching the scores come in especially round here. listening  to the die hard Man u and Liverpool Fans. Forum Index -> All other football
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