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Trojan Rocksteady.....40 Ground-Breaking Hits

I'm not into reggae but I've always liked the earlier ska stuff and rocksteady sound but have never delved into it beyond a couple of compilations and a great Desmond Dekker Greatest Hits cd that I have had for years. Inspired by the recent Skinhead docu on BBC 4 I bought this. Not a duff track on it. It covers the big era of rocksteady between 66' and 68'. Some of the singers are so soulful. Especially Hopeton Lewis and Derrick Harriot. The latter being a total revelation and I will be getting more of his stuff. If you like the rocksteady sound I highly recommend this 2 cd collection. It's the cats pyjamas. It really is!

Late Doors

Whoever has the rights to Trojans catalogue must emp!oy the audio equivalent of one of those pigs who snuffs truffle out in the forest. In and amongst a boat load of mulch lay swathes of some of the best pop music ever. Their collections especially the series that includes this rocksteady compilation are brilliant. Not got this one but have a couple of others including an early dance hall toaster compilation. Top notch stuff.

Got the UK hit box set. Some good stuff on it some crap.
smiling badger

Saw that Sainsbury are selling some Trojan collections and at only a fiver a pop!  Can't go wrong!  Have a few Trojan double cds.  Love the Dub collection. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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