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Late Doors

Tour of Yorkshire

Nowhere near the hype and publicity of last year's Tour de France but it seems to have been a great success. Caught Sunday's stage as it came down and up a regularly used road of ours  out of Holmfirth through Meltham towards Marsden. In fact I think it is the very same road Morrissey writes about in his book when they get lost on the moors. Me and MrsD did the hour plus  walk to the Travellers Rest on the Meltham- Marsden chain road to join, I'd say a thousand or so other spectators lining the climb. Great to see. Anyone else catch it ?
Plastic Man

The "Cote de Chevin" in Otley (East Chevin Road), one of the king of the mountain stages, runs by the estate, so I wandered along at the appointed time. Very impressed by the numbers who had turned out - probably running into tens of thousands.

The difference to when the TdF came though Otley last year was there were no barriers and no stewards (as far as I could see). So it all ended up a bit like Holme Moss in the TdF, with the crowds increasingly encroaching into the road. Sending a steady stream of lone motorcyclists and the occasional car only pushed people back temporarily. The unexpected arrival of two cars almost abreast and travelling at speed did the job of pushing the crowd back futher, but at some cost. A lady standing next to me was hit on the elbow by a wing mirror so hard she was thrown spinning into my ams, while another spectator opposite had her toes run over. Appaently an ambulance was called for somebody further up the hill who had been knocked over.

Earlier that morning when taking the dogs out for their morning constitutionals, I found the lower part of the East Chevin Road closed to traffic and a police accident team in attendance. There was a small commercial van stopped in the middle of the road, with a body shaped tube going through the windscreen into the body of the van. As it was caged-in behind the fronts seat, I can only imagine that whoever went through the windscreen would have hit the cage head-on.

Apparently the accident involved a rider taking part in the Sportive run in advance of the main race. While they were taken to hospital, they were reported as having only minor injuries!

Lesson learnt - I'm buying a cycle helmet!

Didn't see any build up to this as I don't watch local news and didn't see any of it on t'telly. Last year's Tour de France was a bit va va voom n' that (I know all the lingo me), and although I admire the cyclists who took part in this years TdY I wasn't arsed about it in the slightest. That is all.

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