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Tour of Britain

Anyone watching this?

Really enjoying it myself, saw it come past the school on Thursday luckily I didn't blink!  


The ones on motorbikes are just fucking cheating!

Actually I have a little issue with police on motorbikes at this event, we had two riders come through basically to close roads ahead of the riders.  This happened around five minutes before the main pelaton came through, they came through doing around 60 mph lights flashing and sirens blaring, the road has a 40 limit!

In my mind these to officers were quite obviously breaking the law, boys and their toys just showing off...

Those guys on the second shot are on the wrong side of the road. French I expect.
Plastic Man

Re: Tour of Britain

bearing wrote:


Ruddy cyclists riding on the wrong side of the road.

And when they came through those traffic lights, they were on red. Probably.

And what are Old Bill doing? They're not even bothering to fabricate evidence.

Won by a Brit who I've never heard of. Can't be a bad feeling beating the World and Olympic champions. Will look good on the CV. Forum Index -> Sports
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