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Tour de France 2015

Usual mayhem first week. Crashes virtually every day. I'm amazed the injuries aren't more serious.

Those guys are travelling incredibly close together at speeds of up to 40 mph with very narrow slick tyres inflated to about 90 psi.

One touch on the brake or a clash of wheels and 20-30 taken out straight away. Apparently the white lines on the road are particularly dangerous as there's no grip at all on them.

Anyway - homourary Brit Chris Froome (who makes me look short and fat) is favourite, Cavendish smiled for the first time Saturday. Watch out for young frog Warren Bargeuil as an outsider.

Two week late match report. Nice to see Brit (born in Kenya, raised in South Africa) Chris Froome prevail. Particularly after being repeatedly spat at by those unhygienic frogs and having a cup of urine thrown at him. No yellow jersey jokes please.

Highlight for me though was Brit journeyman Steve Cummings coming from nowhere  to whup the asses off two French guys at the mountain top finish at Mende.

Drugs aside I have much respect for these cyclists. Must be some of the fittest athletes on the planet Forum Index -> Sports
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