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Nyles O Cranium

Tony Harrison poem - The Queen's English

Have searched but not been able to find this poem.  would any wise reggies or unwise reggies, please paste this poem up for me?  I'd be ever so grateful.

This is all I could find, it doesn't look complete to me but what do I know

Tony Harrison: The Queen’s English

Last meal together, Leeds, the Queen’s Hotel
that grandish pile of swank in City Square
Too posh for me, he said (even though he dressed well)
if you wern’t wi’ me ah’d nivver dare!
I knew that he’d decided to die
not by the way he lingered at the bar
not by the look he’d give me with one good-eye
nor by the firmer handshake and the gruff ta-ra
But when he browsed the station bookstall sales
he picked up ‘Poems from the Yorkshire Dales’
‘ere tek this un wi’ yer to New York
to remind you of ‘ow us gaffers used to talk.
It’s up your street in’t it? ‘ahh buy yer that!
The broken lines go through me speeding South -
As t’doctor stopped to oppen woodland yet…
wi’ skill they puttin wuds reet i’ his mouth
Nyles O Cranium

Maybe not but that's very helpful my friend, thanks for your efforts  

That is the whole poem, it's a wonderful piece of writing.

Scuse me for being thick, but the last two lines what the chuff. Anyone?

It's Woodland Yat by the way.

I'm guessing it refers to the death of the father that features in the poem. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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