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Tom Jones documentary

This was on last night and was utterly brilliant.

He's an excellent raconteur, and despite all the fame and fortune is still utterly Welsh. No fucking transatlantic accent for him.

He visited the club where he had his first gig - still there and it looked like a right shithole. Met an old mate who still lived in the same street and some slightly overawed but very large Rugby players.

Fifties were too early for me (honest!). I just think of them in black and white, and it was the sixties when colour (and fun) arrived.

But his description of how he felt when he heard his first rock 'n' roll records made me think again. Even Bill Haley was a revolutionary - the drums, the guitar - were completely different to everything that had gone before. Then came Elvis.

Some good talking heads - Bruce Welch, Tom McGuiness, Clem Cattini, Marty Wilde - who all looked amazingly fit and well.

Good gag from Clem Cattini about Glenn Miller as well.

Timing of the programme a bit poignant as his mrs of 60 years just died. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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