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Late Doors

Titus Andronicus

Heard a bit of his US civil war concept album a few year back and was quite interested but his latest album (also a so called concept album) The Most Lamentable Tragedy has album of the year potential. Don't let the Rock Opera label trouble you. It was an obstacle for me at first. Troubled and fascinating character Patrick Stickles spews it all out and its very long but by crickey it rocks like Joe Buggery

See what ya think


Phew - I was worried this was about that Shakespeare x-rated play in which some bloke cooks his sons in a pie and gives it to his daughter for her tea.

Or somethiing like that.
Late Doors

Second weekend running at the Headrow this time for Titus Andronicus. Their album has hooked itself into my rock n roll conscious with its gargantuan guitar assaults, punk rock energy and catchy toons along with some earnest raspy vocals.

Alas the venue has not endeared itself. The limited head room has rendered the stage hight pitifully inadequate. That, along with the expensive albeit very decent ale will make it a very occasional venue.

The band did about 70 minutes of high octane triple guitared pumping  rock interspersed with occasional mock eclisiatical preacher man pronouncements. All a bit cloying if you weren't ready for it. I was but the other three bailed out after 50 minutes and left me on the perimeter of the mosh. Not enough textures or variation said Simon. Well fuck off and go see Genesis I offered in return. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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