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Time Shift

BBC4 Bank Holiday Monday 9 pm.
Documentary about Mods and Rockers and their Bank Holiday rivalries during the 60's. Should be a great watch if you are into youth cultures and all that.
Dont tell Dock but it is on at the same time as The Fast Show on BBC2.
Thank goodness fot t'Iplayer.
Late Doors

Didn't enjoy this as much as i thought. Might have known the shitty newspapers were up to their age old tricks exaggerating the original Easter incidents whipping up antagonism. Some things never change eh? Wonder what people who liked both cultures did?  I know i do.
smiling badger

Must admit that i found it a bit flat and a tad boring. Did find myself wondering about if i were around in those times which i would have been. Mod or Rocker. Obviously i love my scooters but there would have been no chance me getting dressed up in the latest Italian suit! Would have much rather of had a nice dirty old leather jacket and rode a Vespa. Kickings from both sides i guess!

Yup - the press haven't changed much.

Didn't think the programme brought that out enough really.
Some of the Talking Heads were brilliant - particularly the lady biker and the brummie mod.

It gave the impression that the Mod movement had died after 1963. It was still going strong in N Leeds in 1970!

They were unanimous that the sixties were a fantastic time to be in your teens. Something i wouldn't argue with. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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