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This looks like a great weekend and just down the road from

You don't know how good you've got it
Late Doors

Au contraire Mr. Cuts :. HB Trades club very much on our radar and we know full well how good we have it (well outside Huddersfield anyway). Been to a few gigs there, terrific venue. Sounds like a great weekend in January and we will probably get over at some point. Particularly for Wytches who my mate loves. Mark Lanegan will be good but he's also on at Leeds Poly or whatever it is these days and we are off to that.

Is Hebden Bridge still full of hippies?

Last time i was up there it was full of organic bicycle repair shops, veggie restaurants, acupuncture clinics and I was nearly suffocated by the clouds of patchouli oil vapour floating between the rows of sturdily constructed millstone grit terraces.

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