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Late Doors

Things You Thought You'd Never Say

Could do with some rain

Those Slip on shoes look alright

Mmmm Lentils

"Four quid for one pint? Fuck that! Lets go somewhere else"

"I love my Kindle"

"I haven't missed West Yorkshire for one second, best move we ever made"

"Is that a car or a fucking disco" (this one usually finished off with a tut aimed at the swiftly passing bass-powered VW/Corsa/ Aygo by Toyota)
Late Doors

What I could do with when I'm not wearing a jacket is some kind of shoulder bag

I'd quite like some slippers with a fluffy lining
Late Doors

She's a handsome women

No thanks, Iv'e had enough.
Young Marxist at Tescos

No, it's fine...I'm quite happy to queue up to pay 2-50 for a coffee

Do you want me to do the shopping?

No thanks, you have the last wine gum.
Late Doors

Look at the Foilage on that

Want to go over to Huddersfield this Saturday lad to see your favourite team Chelsea play in the Premiership Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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