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Things I Like About America - Poe Ballantine

A collection of eleven tales of living a hand to mouth existence in various small towns across America and Mexico during the eighties and nineties. Earning a living in menial jobs and meeting other like-minded wayward characters. Ballantine writes from personal experienceís he had travelling across the U.S. during his twenties and thirties battling with drink and drug addiction.

An entertaining read and I would have a go with his other stuff (three other books). Heís fairly humorous, but writing about drifting between drinks and jobs must be very difficult in the shadow of the great drifter and drinker Charles Bukowski, and itís easy to see the influence of Buk in a lot of these stories (never a bad thing). I would say over all that Ballantine is a good readable writer and worth checking out. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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