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The Wrecking Crew
Late Doors

Ace, in the same mould as that Muscle Shoals Swampers Doc a little while back.

Look's great Cuts. Hal Blaine and Carol Kaye played on Forever Changes. I read about it in the Arthur Lee biog I've just finished. That lot played on so many great records. Looking forward to watching it. Ta for posting.

Hal Blaine 150 top ten records.

They played on records they don't even remember. Didn't know Glen Campbell was part of that group. Cher calls Phil Spector Philip which cracks me up. Tommy Todesco is the star of it for me ( his on filmed it mind). Hope for all late starters.

Makes you reevaluate some of your favourite songs, well I have.

Pet Sounds!
Late Doors

Aye, saw a documenrary about Gen Campbell a while back and found out he was a session guitarist. Didnt realise he was part of this though. Gentle on my mind is one of my fave songs ever.
Late Doors

Why ? you ask Here's why

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Late Doors

Very simular to this i always thought, another ace toon. Coolest fooker in Hollywood, Err soz seem to have hijacked this thread

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