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Nyles O Cranium

The 'Wish You Were Here' photobook - to order/pledge/get in

Just a reminder all, that if you order a copy of this brilliant book before Dec 31st this year then you can have your name printed in the book itself, as well as on the website.  If you don't want that to happen then you just need to say so.

Minimum pledge amount is a tenner (plus the cost of postage if you want it delivering); the book will be out from mid February 2013.

It's for a brilliant cause too - TWO brilliant causes - all profits going to Candlelighters and St Gemma's Hospice so if you can pledge a few quid more than the cost of the book, please do so big_smile  I know some on here have already committed, thanks.

Please visit to have a look at the excellent website (which a mate has created, for úzero) and to pledge.

Job done

That first picture is St Andrews  May 1985?

I was living in Brum at the time, went along with a couple of Blues fans and stood in the home end. Lucky to get out in one piece.

It got less publicity than it should have because it was the same day as the Bradford fire.
Not a great day for football.

there's an account from fans of both sides here
Frazier Cranium

Thanks for that FC, yes it is Brum.  I'll view that link later on but I remember a lot of the media were blaming Leeds fans for all the trouble that day, but I've seen police reports etc and they were well aware that B'ham's mob were out for trouble against the police and then opposing fans.  Seems like that day was like an invasion, there undoubtedly was a lot of violence not reported, and instigated by our lot.  But the overriding opinion from WMP seemed to be that we were the lesser of two evils.

Maybe I heard it wrong.  I went to the match and it was eventful to say the least, off the pitch.

The WYWH photobook will be accompanied by a fantastic exhibition too.  I'm 'loosely' involved with the book production so I'm unbiased - it is all going to be VERY impressive, trust me.  Truss me too if you don't believe me
Nyles O Cranium

this is all happening from tonight at the White Cloth Gallery.

As if you didn't know
Plastic Man

Is anyone thinking about popping down tomorrow sometime for a quick shufty?*

*Plus a snifter or two, before or after (or both)?

Plastic Man wrote:
Is anyone thinking about popping down tomorrow sometime for a quick shufty?*

*Plus a snifter or two, before or after (or both)?

Would, but can't. You know what it's like Your Grace. You have young un's.
Frazier Cranium

Brilliant event and WELL WORTH a visit AND there is a bar, two in fact, inside, and two proper ales on draft

Bryn Law and then Pat Slaughter did a superb job hosting and intro'ing the book launch itself, and the event - the posters, the slideshow, the music, the leaflets, the book itself - were/are all fantastic, those lads have done a wonderful job and you know what, all profits go to Candlelighters and St Gemma's.

It's all win win and I implore you to go, it's a splendid experience, even if the beer is a bit steep

Copy arrived today OC.

Great photos. A few familiar faces, and some quality knitwear.
Frazier Cranium

Great - it is a brilliant production don't you think?  The exhibition was even better

Frazier Cranium wrote:
Great - it is a brilliant production don't you think? áThe exhibition was even better

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