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Late Doors

The Winter's Tale. LBT

Northern Broadside's latest production, Shakespeare puzzlingly set on New Years eve 1999 but otherwise almost pure 17th century. Saves on costume costs i suppose.

I've tried to read Shakespeare but chuff me it's hard work. I think you need to "study" it as part of your requirement to either pass an exam or learn your lines. Surely no one would voluntarily read it for pleasure? Even on the stage utmost concentration is required and total immersement not to mention an abandonment of disbelief. The plots are ludicrously incredible and yet the themes, sentiments and humanity of it all is timeless and universal.

Northern Broadside are fantastic and always attract a decent crowd at the LBT. Its the only occasion i realise we aren't the only Guardian readers in the town. The play is a projection of a powerful mans humbling as his jealousy defeats him and sets the seeds of his future desolation along with assorted sadness, mishaps, romances, duping and the odd miracle. Peppered with comedy, modern twists on the themes and absolutely fantastic acting i can't imagine reading Shakespeare is better than watching it.

The lyrical quality of the dialogue is best heard from actors doing it on stage IMHo. I'd never even attempt a crack at reading the plays. I've never seen Winters Tale but will make a note of your review.

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