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Kingmaker of Lilliput

The Victoria & Commercial

I was surprised to find not a single thread on this pub, maybe one just disappeared somewhere, anyway just put that right. I'll tell you after the weekend how decent (or not) it is these days...

Last time i tried to go in, it was closed for refurbishment.

Very disappointed as it was one of my favourite haunts before i was exiled.

That was 2009, should be finished now.

Hiya Lil. There is a thread and I tried to dig it out but I'm buggered if I can find it.

*avoids getting buggered*
Late Doors

That is weird, I'm sure we had one as well. Anyway not much has changed since you were last in other than the prices, now more in line with that there London.  Hey Ho disses it because the Hell Angels don't go in any more and you can now leave the place without smelling of dung covered in your own blood.  Seriously i know what he means and its the same with every classic old town pub. Nicholsons who run the place as well as other classic old pubs around the country (Philly in Liverpool, deacon brodies , kennilworth Edinburgh, as well as the taps and Palace) have put their chain stamp on the place but if they hadn't have done who knows what might have happened to all those wonderful pubs. It is still a very agreeable place to sup and the decor is amazing.
Late Doors

No Taylors Landlord yesterday which is good. Taylors are taking the piss with the price of the stuff. There are loads of equally good beers about these days. A wentworth IPAyesterday was superb although at 5% a tad strong for a sesh for us lilghtweights.
Kingmaker of Lilliput

Much improved was the service and I couldn't fault the beer but would have liked some TT to taste on in its Leeds spiritual home...(although a quick flit to Veritas can get you a pint of TT best). Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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