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The Toilet Tour Circuit

Here's one for Butts and LD.

a.k.a Independent Venue Week.

Celebrates those small, previously smoky, pub back rooms/basements with sticky floors where bands trying to establish themselves or unable to afford the overheads of big venues ply their wares.
Been to a few myself 'back in the day'. The Adelphi, The Royal Park, The Haddon Hall. Happy days.

Makes a few serious points, about how important these places are to the promotion of grassroots music, and the disgraceful snobbery of the Arts Council who will only fund something if it involves cellos, tutus and is taking place in London.

use to go and see a band Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Duck and Drake, Eagle, Regent etc. Great days and great music.

Then it all started to go quiet and when you talked to the artists it was down to a change in licensing laws. Still and under current but doesn't seem quite as prolific as it was.

And yes the feeling of being stuck to the floor never goes away.

The arts Council is run by tossers up their own arses wearing blinkers. Spending money on shite that only they like 'cos they are superior to the rest of us and can see hidden things in the art work we mere mortals could never understand.
Late Doors

Unfortunately i don't get to these kind of gigs anymore. In the past I've seen bands in the Duchess, Fenton, Duck n Drake and A few other places but i wouldn't know if these pass as toilet venues. We have pub venues in Huddersfield, the Lockwood, Yorkshire Vic, the Bridge, Kings Head, Vulcan etc but they are almost exclusively covers band. Decent covers bands for a decent night though its always an afternoon or tea time slot i go to these days. We have a venue in a place that used to be the Albion but its full of kids and i feel weird just being there but it's great to see the kids in and around the place especially with it being a famous old music haunt of the town.

I suppose the die hard capitalists would scream supply and demand. If people wanted to go there wouldn't be a problem and throwing funded money at them wouldn't tackle the real issue. Even using their own terms of reference though it makes sense to fund these gigs given the income bands and the music biz in general brings into the country. This county's real rulers wont be happy though till everyone is sat permanently at home in their little cells plugged into the telly being saturated with adverts and consuming crap. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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