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Late Doors

The Thicket, Joe R Lansdale.

Chanced upon this in the hotel book swap and read it in a day.

Reads like a Tom Sawyer story filmed by the Cohen brothers it says on the cover and that is spot on.

East Texas turn of the 20th century. This part of the west is still wild, very wild and is about to get wilder. A teenager gathers an unlikely posse on the trail of a very very dangerous bounty. Fuelled by various motives they come together    comically but touchingly close in this brutal yet tender tale of righteousness and evil.

Brilliant dark humour leaping out of seriously unfunny situations that had me guffawing out loud in my deck chair. The author has a way of obtusely angled description and turn of phrase that endearingly catch you unaware and is therefore an unexpected treat, the best kind. Terrific characters wonderfully and sensitively exposed by the author as individuals and also as partners, especially Shorty.

Whilst I was reading it I became aware that we might have talked about this before on here. I've checked now and we haven't but the Author sounds like the type you lads who like American Literature might pick on
Frazier Cranium


Thanks for the reviews, LD.

Ta for posting LD. Never heard of the book or writer before. Had a look on Amazon and It looks good and some big plaudits for the writer. I've just finished a book so was after something new. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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