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Late Doors

The Temperance Movement

Tonight Leeds Met, should be ace.
spirit of the Faces, bit of AC/DC and Georgia Satellites, Raaawwkk n Rolll, yeeeh hahhhh


Bit of Free in there as well
Late Doors

Yep, bit of Free in there as well. Think its safe to say the band aren't treading any new ground but that's never been a problem for me. As long as they take the influences , interpret and bang out with genuine care and skill it'll do for me. Most importantly play like you mean it and this band certainly do. Packed out at the Poly which surprised me, i think they have only the one album but clearly they have a reputation. All sorts as well, young and old. Two guitarists, bass, drummer and a charismatic singer who has absorbed all kinds of influences with a classic rock n roll rasp. Seems a bit fond of the city as well giving it Leeds Leeds Leeds a couple of times.

Shortish gig, just over the hour but full on intensity with even the slower ones full of simmering energy. Great twin guitars including some Almonesque slide and some tastefully inventive chops from both.

Yeah, its all there, the bands already mentioned plus some Iggy  Jagger swagger, Manc baggy groove and southern boogie in spades. A great Monday night shot to begin the week.

Had an ale  in the Hedley Verity 'spoons as well. 1.49 for a lovely pint of Saltaire Juniper pale ale.
smiling badger

They sound good. Even though their sound has been hear before it kind of refreshing to hear it again.
Plastic Man

1.49 for a pint. Is that a typo?
Late Doors

No sir, it is what is referred to in your old stomping ground as a Fahhhcking steal. I was almost embarrassed to give them my 50p off Voucher i get from CAMRA Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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