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The Saltyard, London Village

On Goodge Street and a mini, mini, Reg-fest on Wednesday where I met up with TG and PL after a work thing and fresh from by proxy hob nobbing with Brain One.

New-fangled Tapas in a funky bar/restaurant combo. We ordered nine plates all of which were absolutely delicious. Highlights from memory:-

Delicate tempura courgette flowers stuffed with goats cheese
Chicken with mini macaroni-style pasta in a fragrant (saffron?) infused sauce
Crispy belly pork with an earthy canallini bean stew
'Bavette' of beef with fruity, beetroot-like bone marrow
Chips with aoli and romesco dips
Juicy, briny scallops served with something I can't remember

PL had a chocolate pudding which weighed more than he does. The only mis-step was my dessert which was just plain weird but hey knocked it off the bill and I ate the majority of TG's artery-clogging doughnuts.

Really nice place, very attentive service, great company (of course) and prices I'd expect to pay up here rather than down there.
Pond Life

It was delish, I don't know how you remember all these details. Butts' pudding looked like a lump of hash, it wasn't hash but it looked like it.
Tank Girl

i dont know how you know what the chips tasted like, i thought i ate all of them.

there was also a plate of 4 different goat's cheese - lovely and a selection on spanish charcuterie, one of which was amazing.

i was sporting my new russian fur hat.
Tank Girl

looking good these days arent i?
Pond Life

Russia boo!
Tank Girl

Pond Life wrote:
Russia boo!

england is becoming a nation of bad losers.

i suppose this means you'll be burning the dostoyevsky books then
Pond Life

Stop trying to be all clever!!

The cheese and the meat, of course...and the hat.
Late Doors

Tank Girl wrote:

looking good these days arent i?

Before i answer that is it really you ? is it anyone near and dear to anyone one here? and is Stripe about ?  Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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