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Frazier Cranium

The Red Balloon

French short film from late 1950s.

Last time I talked about this, some other forum v possibly OMJ, I was good naturedly shouted down when I said I loved the flick and thought it generally brilliant.

Watched it again last week, and guess what...

I still bloody love it.  Being a short film it has to be simple, and maybe that aspect is why some people don't like it as it's too 'on the nose'.

My unofficial stepdaughter, 24, watched it with us, which is quite rare4, but not as rare as the fact she thought it was really good too.

i first saw it when I was maybe 9, and it always stuck with me from then, everyone seemed to love it.  I'm quite pleased that my opinion hasn't changed, even though the reasons for the opinion are different to those many years ago

You lost me at red.......

I remember it as well. Was it all in B&W apart from the balloon and a bit sad?

Or am i mixing it up with 99 Red Balloons?
Frazier Cranium

Full colour, some beautiful photography too.

It's on YouTube,
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