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Late Doors

The R Word

Well that game on Boxing Day was a pure unadulterated relegation performance. I've seen it three times now and when that og went in you could taste the recognition of nigh on 28000 others.

The minutes prior to that we looked the better of two very poor sides. Tonge in for Adrian Billy in for Doukara looked pedestrian but safe. It should have been a hard fought three points, it still could have been had most if the players risen to the challenge. As it was they couldn't and stumbled along like a drunk on mad Friday.

That keeper has to go. He's an absolute liability, no arguments, he's a disaster that makes average defenders even worse. Antennucci has busted his good faith with a swanning pathetic display of petulant indifference combining zero threat with maximum embarrassment. After half time we looked capable. Rudy on and made an impact. Looking for the balk and bringing it forward. Alas his utter incompetence on the ball coupled with his appalling decision  making negated that to produce 45 minutes of pure hell from a fans point of view. Jeesus i genuinely cannot believe how he got anywhere in the football career path.

Christ i could go on. We are in deep shit and ever more seemingly with a coach incapable of instilling any sense of motive into them. Its the same problems on the pitch that have been mentioned in past match reports i don't need to repeat them or rather don't want to. They all came to a dreadful head on Boxing Day, the day MDM texted me to say that was the day we went down. It is going to take something near miraculous to survive.  i don't even think there are three teams worse than us and more worryingly I donít think our new signings have any fight in them or appetite for a relegation scrap

It seems we are either unlucky or shit.

Feel sorry for Mowatt and Cook - two teenagers tasked with holding our midfield together. Their parents must be wondering whether Further Education would be a better option.

Most of the loanees seem to have lost form over the last month. Perhaps the novelty has worn off, they are getting homesick, or the weather has got too cold. If they really were any good, they'd at least have been able to get a game in Serie B.
Reminds me a bit of when Peter Reid signed the Marseille reserve squad.

All I read about is more of the same in the transfer window, including a 'big' striker!

Bring back Colin! Bring back Jonathan Douglas! Finish those feckin' roadworks on the M1! Yay! Oh fuck it!

Look on the bright side. At least we're better than Blackpool.
smiling badger

Neck deep in shit and dont think that we have a team that is up for fighting their way out of it.Certainly not all of our foreign imports that is for sure.
Spineless and gutless teams are what we seem to produce these days and the life and times of a Leeds fan dont and havent got any better for many a year.
Really thought that Redders may have injected some youth and spirit into the team, which he did when he was just a replacement manager but doesnt have that ability any longer.
Seriously dont think that we are good enough to stay up unless we have a huge slice of luck thrown at us. So we live in hope of luck.
The team certainly arent going to do it.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

I don't understand football at all - how can the same bunch who played with spirit and beat Derby a few weeks ago suddenly look so shit?

A lot of it comes down to the individual players but also a lot down to the coaching team selection and captaincy

They are up shit creek

I desperately hope they find a paddle in time
smiling badger

Seems we are going to bring in more second rate Italians on loan to dig us out of the shit that we are in.
Makes a change to second rate British players i guess but shows how desperate we are again.
Surely this will unsettle an unsettled team even more. Desperation..

Austin on the way out. Good news but about a year too late.

C'mon, Positivity is the key. It really is. Going on the league stats LU are the 41st best football team in the country. That's one up from being 42nd best. Glass half full. It's all about perspective innit.

Late Doors

Thought id take a look here, think its about time :

Not getting too giddy here but i think we may be able to dismiss relegation this season. Some brilliant wins and I'm not having this lucky bollocks about the 'boro game. Classic smash n grab away victory. Chelsea do it and Mourinho is a tactical genius "parking the bus". We do it and its lucky Leeds locking up the bike with a rusty chain. That keeper of ours would make saving stamps look spectacular as well

And what about super Mozzerr.'' Never had him for the lazy bugger some have called him. I've questioned his desire to be here but you cannot fault his performances, outstanding in that lone role.

Keep Bamba, keep our young talent, get a bit of wide flair in and a couple of pacey strong strikers who know where the goal is and we'll go up next season.Oh and our ground back, and a new training complex, and them lot at the FL off our back. Simples '' *staying positive* but *resists  drawing parallels  with Wilko's first season when he did much the same with us*

Great result. When's the last time we defended a goal lead for 87 minutes?

Looking forward to seeing Bamba in action. The whole defence seems to have played with more confidence since he arrived.
Frazier Cranium

And the Ego has been away for much of the time things have improved.
smiling badger

Watched the Boro game with my boy and after going a goal up said we have to try and get another as we cant defend foe another 85 mins. But we did and did it well. Fantastic defending and goal keeping. Stunning saves infact!

Yep, funny Codge that we have improved sice Cellino hasnt or apparently  hasnt been about. Forum Index -> Leeds
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