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The ONLY show to watch at the moment......

The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth

I've watched a lot of stuff on Trump and the current condition of America but this doesn't just raise the bar, it snaps the bar in half and sets fire to the two remaining pieces. A never been done before format which adds to its edgy allure, I defy you to find a comparative example. This is inspiring and shows the direct action of American citizens against the abismal human being who is currently masquerading as the President of the United States of America and offers a good look inside the D.C. Machine of American Politics. Compelling and beats the bejesus out of any so- called 'journalism' peddled by the big news networks. Proper telly! Currently showing on Sky Atlantic. It's impartial, but by its impartiality it makes the floors in the Trump Administration more glaringly obvious. Ace! Watch it.........I know you won't!

Thanks for the tip - watched all but one of Series 2 so far on Sunday. Completely gripped, astonishing access they have, a real insider's view of the madness.

Which channel is this on?

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