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The Night Of

An HBO miniseries (there must be at least four episodes as I've now seen three and it clearly hasn't finished!) about a seemingly decent Pakistani lad in NY who appears to have brutally murdered a girl he accidentally picks up while borrowing his dad's taxi to go to a "cool kids" party in NY. Or did he?

John Turturro plays the seedy defence lawyer who stumbles onto the case.

Seems well made to me - I'm sure there will be some dark twists before it finishes.

It might make you want to scratch yourself.

We thoroughly enjoyed this. Turturro was (as he is in anything) fantastic and his character was a great example of his acting ability. We were totally hooked. It's on Sky Atlantic over here.

PS I noticed his cousin Aida Turturro aka Janice Soprano had a cameo in it as a Support Worker.


'nuff said.

Halfway through it. It's bloody tense. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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