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The Last Miners

Two part docu on the BBC about the last few months of the last pit in Britain, Kellingley Colliery (The Big K). Following the individual miners who are coming to terms with the end of a way of life and a camaraderie, the like of which is unfortunately on the wain in our directionless nation. There's a man called Sheldon who sounds EXACTLY like our very own Sheeps. Could be a Ponte lad? Maybe Sheeps can let us know if he knows the bloke.

These two hours of television are saddening, maddening, and inspiring. It's also shocking in how decent, proud, and hard working men have been let down by an industry they have given their very being to. These men are like the tigers in the zoo. Look at them and learn what you can from them because their kind are a dying breed. Essential viewing.


The price of imported coal has risen 100% in the last 12 months.

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