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The Journey of Crazy Horse - A Lakota History

By Joseph M. Marshall III.

Not a complete history of the life and times of the famous Native American but a great read that mixes the oral tradition of the Lakota people with historic fact. Marshall's book starts with the birth of the CH and charts his rise through to manhood and his role as a leader and warrior.

Marshall is Lakota himself but doesn't fawn over his subject matter and also solidly dismisses myths about CH and the times he lived in that have grown from badly researched histories written by Euro-American's.

He treats the reader to a great narrative of the Lakota ways and culture, the terrain of Wyoming, Montana, and the Black Hills of Dakota, and the chronology of events that brought the first white people to the ancestral lands of the Lakota and Crow tribes including the failed treaties of Laramie throughout the mid-nineteenth century and the bloodshed on both sides of the battles with the U.S. Army.

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