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Late Doors

The Holydrug Couple

Tonight at the Brude

Trippy groove, a bit shoe gazy, right up my street. looking forward to it

Late Doors

What a fantastic venue the Brudenell social club is. I've said it before but some things are worth repeating. Fabulous music every night, great staff, great value for money, quality ale, good people in the crowd and easy to get to. Wish we had something similar in this live music backwater of Hudders. Fine town but utterly devoid of any worthwhile music scene. Don't know why, loads of students, plenty of over 30s and not too scuzzy.

Holy Drug Couple didn't start till 10.30. Two support bands, the first a youngish combo well versed in their dads record collections pouring out fragmented guitar driven songs that drove and swelled into something approaching exciting at times just lacking in solid vocals. So too were the second band, sounded like scousers with the singer/guitarist straight out of Knotty Ash, his big guitar occupying most of the space between his chin and waist. looked cool though as diminutive band leaders usually do. Some great wig out guitar frenzy and humming bass but vocals that were swamped in it all.

Plenty of space in front of the band and the five pound admission fee suggests little to get excited about but this band have produced at least one fabulous album. Sadly another band whose vocals let them down live. A real shame as the instrumentals and extended trippy excursions into colourful sonic wonderlust were brilliant. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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