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Late Doors

The Fallen. Dave Simpson

Another subject i can read forever on is music. This one written by Leeds lad, Leeds fan Dave Simpson also a Journo, maybe he is known to some of you. It's about his quest to find ALL the past and present members of The Fall (The Fallen). A task I'd put on a par with finding all Leeds United full backs of the last twenty years. To add to the immensity of the task there is also the Forth Bridge factor. As soon as you've found one or two, another one joins the ranks of the Fallen.

It starts with a typical impossible brusque interview with MES himself  before embarking on his quest under no doubt that he is getting no help from MES. Through torment and no little self sacrifice he sets about the mission and gradually each member reveals their own story and thoughts behind the incredible brilliant and totally unique history of the Fall with each one adding their interpretation and thoughts on Mark. What is most intriguing is how many accounts of the man and the bands experiences are sometimes conflicting. Together they piece together the bizarre and utterly chaotic wired lunatic developments of for me the best British group of all time. The book although  a terrific insight into their creativity and genius never quite catches MES's "secret" but of course that is part of the Mans mystique. His creative intellect is plain for all to see but you are still left guessing as to what makes him tick. It is fun trying to guess though.

There is sadness throughout the book from the Author's personal perspective that i think he made slightly too much out of and became a tad self indulgent. That is merely my own thought though on an otherwise fascinatingly entertaining book on a subject that never fails to be anything other
Frazier Cranium

A great book about a great subject written by a great lad.  And yes indeed he is a Leeds chap and LU supporter.  One of my 'problems' with The Fallen is the same with any book about music - I want to listen to the song or songs he's waxing lyrical about at that very moment .  Naturally that's not practical - especially if you haven't even got some of those songs - but then again with the advances of iPads and tablets etc, maybe one day the full experience will be available.

I really did enjoy this book and always knew that there was tons I didn't know about the Fall.  I'd easily give it a 5 star Amazon rating. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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