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The Detail - last ever concert

I will start the ball rolling on this one as I am sure OC will have something to say.

The Detail were a local Spa/Punk and a few other genres thrown in local (Beeston) band. Born out of a band called the Standards way back in '82 (I think) I can remember one of their first gigs when they played the Broadway on Charles and Dianes wedding. Of course true to form a mass brawl broke out and the gig ended early. But The Standards went on for several years until a few personnel changes and the Detail was born.

One of the best things about the band is when they performed in their local vicinity i.e Beeston. Great to see so many people you knew when you were growing up coming out of the wood work. I was speaking to one on Saturday who I have so much respect for. He was a hard bastard, a couple of years older than us. I can remember him saying to me once 'not to fuck up my life, him and his mates would take care of us lot'. By 'take care' he meant protect us from gangs from Miggie, Belle Isle, Cardinals etc that were, well naughty.

Anyway I digress. Saturday at some working mens club in the middle of Middleton was The Details final gig. Hicky, their bass player and founder member, has got arthritis issues in his hands and was finding it difficult to play. So after a set list of over 40 songs that was that.

They might not have been everyones cup of tea but they were a honest 'local' band that genuinely respected those that followed them.

My hat goes off to them and to all local bands that entertain us week in week out whilst we get pissed on a Saturday night. I've watched local bands for over 30 years now. Long may it continue.

Great post. I love the idea that instead of getting a new bass player they thought they'd end their career once one of their original members was finding it difficult to play. Never heard of them but Long Live The Detail*

*Good band name!
Frazier Cranium

Not a lot to add to that, Heyho

Me and H went to the gig with our partners but we kept meeting old mates that we hardly said owt to each other during the gig.  The Standards had John as singer and Darren on lead guitar.  I've known them both, esp J for over 40 years.  He decided to leave the band, I'm not sure why but in the last few years has beaten cancer twice (colon, I think) and LAST WEEK it was his final chemo session.  The band returned as The Detail and actually improved musically and the two new lads are smashing fellas also.  When they were without a singer for a while I said I'd do it for them, the only problem was I can't sing.  But I was serious

The Standards played at a book launch of mine once, for nowt, and dedicated two songs to me which impresses me now more than it did at the time.  No More Heroes and Paperback Writer  I roadied for them a couple of times too.

Just really good lads and friends, almost like family even though I probably don't know them as much as this suggests.  And some bloody great folk in the audience too of course.

I lied, I obvs had plenty to add to Heyho's review
Late Doors

Ace, wish we had a local band scene. Its all covers and heavy rock round here although one or two venues are trying.

Went to see just about our one and only original band the Killermeters in a pub in Morley once. Is that on your South Leeds radar?
Frazier Cranium

Yes, I think I saw them too.  Which pub was it?  It's not really a local band scene, most are covers bands and I'm not sure whether there are many pubs interested in helping bands or just in it for the takings (their job, really).
Late Doors

Cant remember but it may have been the Albion. It was a long long time ago . They started as a punk band but became an established "Mod" Band. It was around 1979/80 i saw them there. We used to follow them all around Yorkshire and a few times beyond as they were kind of friends. Good lads, still around now Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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