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The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King

I've stopped reviewing books as much as I used to on Reg because it's a bit of a one way street with regard to me posting reviews but nobody else being arsed to post about what they might have been perusing. But as I know there are a few Stephen King fans on here I wanted to share my thoughts on The Dark Tower series consisting of seven novels. So far I have read the first five : The Gunslinger, The Drawing of Three, The Wastelands, Wizard and Glass, and Wolves of the Calla.

SK's novels were my gateway into adult fiction and I admire him a lot as I have alluded to in other threads, but I've shied away from these particular books because I'm not really a fantasy fiction fan.

Last November I took the plunge with the first book The Gunslinger and I've been hooked ever since. I've read approx. 20 odd of SK's books and I can honestly say that IMHO this is the most entertaining and imaginative stuff I've ever read by him. The books have to be read in the order they were written in and the vastness of this epic tale is astonishing. Its also astonishing that only one man has imagined the entire saga between other writing projects.

Great plot and characters and I would highly recommend to any fan of SK's work. Its the kind of fiction that gives you back that childlike awe of an unknown world. The bonus of only having gotten into them recently is that as soon as I've finished one I can download the next one instantly and not have to wait for him to write the next instalment as fans would have done between 1982 and 2004. I've only two more to go before the end of the series and I cant wait to get stuck into them.

I have a couple of his recent ones you can have.

*looks for em*

'The Stand' is my all time favourite book [Razzle doesn't count], when discussed on here some time ago Leb suggested with the passing of time King will be recognised as up there with Dickens, I agree.

As you would expect though with the volume of work he has produced, there has been one or two misfires, and I have read those too so not jaundiced, but I am a big fan.
Late Doors

You should tell us more about the books you read

Six down and one to go. Just finished Song of Susannah. The whole saga is hurtling towards something for the final book but not sure what. Ace! Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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